Client:The Beauty Rooms
Date:February 09, 2016

Multi-Active Day & Night Creams

Life is for living. Love your skin day & night

Clarins is delighted to announce the launch of the perfect duo to prevent and correct the first signs of ageing linked to the hectic lifestyles of women aged 25+. Clarins has developed a strong scientific partnership with a renowned British University to identify the impact of a busy lifestyle and lack of sleep have on the skin. Introducing a new breakthrough technology from the medical field: teasel extract contained in ingenious capsules is able to target the fibroblasts for optimized and continuous delivery of anti-oxidants to protect skin from free radical damage and loss of vitality.

The new Day & Night Creams also introduce the 5th generation of Clarins exclusive anti-pollution complex which protects the skin against external pollution and for the first time, against indoor pollution as well.

  • New Myrothamnus extract limits the negative impact of specific day time stress on the skin. New textures are adapted to all skin types, with a delicate fragrance and smoothing pigments for immediate radiance

    Available in: All skin types, normal to dry, all skin types SPF20 Cream

    Presentation: 50ml jar/bottle
    Price: £42.00

  • New Golden poppy extract neutralises oxidative stress caused by lack of sleep and encourages the skin to repair at night. The new textures contain evening powders to refine the skin’s texture.

    Available in: Normal to combination and normal to dry skin.

    Presentation: 50ml jar

    Price: £44.00

  • Customers will be introduced to the concept of matching their lipstick and lip liner shades to their skin tone. “Let me help you find the perfect shade of lipstick and lip liner for your skin tone”.